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How long do we need to change the injection molding machine hydraulic oil ?

Oct 29, 2018

First of all, make sure that you are using anti-wear hydraulic oil, and then see if it is a new machine. If it is a new machine, it will be changed once every three months, and then changed every year. Also depends on the specific situation, regular filtering!

If you want to be more accurate, you can ask the oil supplier to test and provide a test report every six months, and decide whether to replace it according to the test report!

Steps to change hydraulic oil:

In the first step, turn off the machine's electric gate and use a wooden stick to stir the oily oil deposit.

In the second step, drain all the hydraulic oil inside.

In the third step, remove the filter, illuminate the space with a flashlight, and then wipe all the oil inside with a clean towel or an oil-absorbing cloth. Large robots climbed in and rubbed.

The fourth step is to clean the filter, clean it with diesel oil, and brush the oil on the net wall with a toothbrush. If you find a damaged filter, you need to buy it again. After cleaning, rinse it with clean diesel, then stand up and let the oil flow. dry.

In the fifth step, install the filter, pump in the clean new oil and look up the scale next to it until the standard scale is reached, then install the cover, close the switch and start the machine for about 1 minute, then do manual clamping for about 5 times. You can turn on the electricity and work until you are left and righ