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How do injection molding machine companies enter the European market

Aug 28, 2020

The first half of 2013 has passed, and various statistical data have the latest results. We have just seen that among the exports of the injection molding machine industry, emerging markets are still the mainstay, followed by the United States, while the European market has a small share of sales. This is so few. No company with national content dare to say that it can enter the European market. What is the reason that the European market is so difficult to overcome? If this problem can be solved, Non-condensing will also give my country's injection molding machine manufacturers a new one. Sales Market.

  After passing our investigation and analysis, the main points are: 1. In recent years, the European injection molding machine market has become more and more competitive. There are many large injection molding machine manufacturers, whether in terms of quality, function, and manufacturing process. In the high-end machinery industry, they are better than our country‚Äôs injection molding machines. This also makes our products have no competitive ability in the European market. There is no competitive product that can be used. If we want to stand out in the fierce competition, our injection molding machine Machine manufacturers must maintain an absolute lead in a particular application field. Unfortunately, there is no such technology yet.

  Therefore, how can injection molding machine companies enter the European market has become a difficult problem to overcome. If no one wants to give up, it must be such a big market. Then, only companies can increase R&D and innovate to create first-class products. Injection molding machines can be put into the international competitive market.