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Horizontal vertical rotary double injection molding machine

Oct 07, 2019

01. This technology involves a horizontal vertical rotary double injection molding machine.

Background technique

02. The existing injection molding machines are divided into vertical injection molding machines and horizontal injection molding machines. The use of more vertical injection molding machines has a higher overall injection height due to the smaller injection volume, and the degree of automation is not high, so the production efficiency It is relatively low and has not been suitable for large-scale mass production; for example, the existing vertical injection molding machine has a injection volume of between 30 g and 400 g, and the total height is between 2.5 m and 4 m. Maintenance has brought great inconvenience. In addition, the existing injection molding machine is not suitable for injection molding process, such as flat copper parts, stainless steel parts, inserts, and embedded parts. In addition, the ejector of the existing injection molding machine is locked. Inside the mold system, such a design is not user-friendly, posing a hidden danger to the operator's safety.

Technical content

03. The technical problem to be solved by the technology is to overcome the deficiencies of the prior art, and provide a horizontal rotary double-mode injection molding machine with high degree of automation, high production efficiency, good safety performance and convenient operation.

04. The technical solution adopted by the present technology is: the technology includes a machine base on which a horizontally arranged injection system and a vertically arranged three-column type clamping system are disposed, and the frame is further Arranging a work table on which a turntable and a turntable motor for driving the turntable are disposed; the three-column clamping system includes a first guide post, a second guide post and a third guide post. Each of the three guide columns passes through the worktable and can be lifted up and down along the direction of the guide post. The upper end of the three guide posts is fixed with an upper die plate, the lower die is mounted with a front die, and the lower end is fixed with a lower die plate. The template is connected with a clamping device for driving the lifting movement of the three guiding columns; the rotating wheel rotates around the first guiding column as a central axis and at least two of the first guiding columns are symmetrically disposed on the rotating plate a rear mold that matches the front mold.

05. Further, the injection system includes a liftable injection seat, and the lift injection seat is provided with an automatic loading hopper, an injection screw, a glue motor, an injection oil cylinder for propelling the melt, and a shot for driving the injection screw to move left and right. Table oil cylinder.

06. Further, the injection system further includes a height adjustment motor and a screw connected to the liftable injection base, the height adjustment motor drives the gear on the screw to rotate by a chain, so that the liftable injection seat is guided The column rises and falls.

07. Further, an upper thimble cylinder that is ejected downward to retain the sump material in the front mold is mounted on the upper stencil, and a lower ejector cylinder that lifts the product in the rear mold upward is disposed on the working table.

08. Further, the clamping device comprises a middle large oil cylinder and a left small oil cylinder and a right small oil cylinder on both sides, and the large oil cylinder is installed upside down between the work table and the lower template.

09. Further, the clamping device further includes a boosting top block, one end of the pressurizing top block is in contact with the large oil cylinder, and the other end is in contact with the turntable through the worktable, wherein a setting between the worktable and the turntable is Two turns of the plane of the steel ball centered on the first guide post.

10. Further, the horizontal rotary double-mold injection molding machine further comprises a water receiving material device, comprising a water filling material plate, a charging oil cylinder for driving the water filling material plate, and a water receiving hopper. 11. The beneficial effect of the technology is that compared with the traditional injection molding machine, the technology has the following advantages: 1 The three-column clamping system is vertically arranged, and the turntable mechanism is installed in the worktable, and multiple stations are mounted on the turntable. Mold, suitable for multi-mode production; 2 Since the mold is mounted vertically on the surface of the turntable, the insert process can be placed in the special injection requirements. And the upper ejector pin is arranged on the upper part of the upper template, which is suitable for ejecting the nozzle material or the front mold of the special mold; 3 the position of the lower thimble for the product is installed in the table, not in the clamping system, compared with the previous injection molding machine The safety of the ejector unit in the clamping system is greatly improved.