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Main steps of thorough cleaning of hybrid injection molding machine

Jun 08, 2020

When using an oil-electric hybrid injection molding machine, you must regularly clean the oil-electric hybrid injection molding machine, so that the service life of the oil-electric hybrid injection molding machine can be greatly increased. So how should we clean the hybrid injection molding machine? What are the main steps?

1. Select the correct cleaning agent for various hybrid injection molding machines.

2. Use cleaning agent to clear the material tube group.

3. Carefully pull the screw out of the injection molding machine, wait for the screw temperature to drop to about 80 degrees Celsius, peel off the skin rubber, then polish it, and check whether the screw and the three-piece set (rocket head, meson, check ring) are damaged .

4. The temperature rises to about 300°, use a special pipeline brush to clean the inner wall of the material tube, then wipe the material tube with a clean rag to make it bright, and check whether the inner wall is damaged by shining with a flashlight.

(If your screw and feed tube are scratched or worn, please repair or replace it immediately.)

5. Check whether the inside of the nozzle is blocked by hardware or the nozzle is loose, clean and repair in time.