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Horizontal injection molding machine daily maintenance several coups

Sep 10, 2019

    The first is for the maintenance of electrical systems. The content includes checking whether the temperature inside the control box is too high, which affects the normal operation of the electronic board. Secondly, some operationally restricted areas need to be understood. For example, when inspecting the high-voltage components inside the machine, the total power supply should not be turned on if it is not necessary; when the mold is changed, the cooling water cannot be allowed to flow into the control box.


    Followed by the maintenance measures for the hydraulic part of the horizontal injection molding machine. The maintenance of the hydraulic part includes the sufficiency of the hydraulic oil and the temperature maintenance of the hydraulic system. This requires us to check the fuel quantity of the fuel tank frequently and replenish it in time. As for the ideal operating temperature of the hydraulic system, it should be between 450C-500C. This is because if the temperature is too low, the processing energy consumption is large, and the running speed is lowered. When the oil temperature is too high, the sealing member is accelerated to be hardened and chipped.


    The most important point is that after the content of the maintenance of the equipment is determined, it is best to arrange a person responsible for ensuring that the determined maintenance work is performed effectively according to the scheduled arrangement. This will make your device last longer.