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High-speed precision injection molding machine industry develops rapidly and intelligence is favored by the market

Mar 17, 2020

For a long time, the single type and fixed invariance of high-speed precision injection molding machine models, functions, and specifications cannot meet market requirements. Due to the frequent changes in the requirements of plastic products and the consideration of effective investment in operation, customers need the plastic machinery industry to provide them with a maximum stroke injection machine, a small injection volume and a large clamping force, or an injection machine with a large clamping force and a small injection volume. Molding equipment combined with materials and injection, injection molding machines with special peripheral equipment, wood (or other materials) and plastic blending injection molding machines, and even injection machines and building blocks for processing non-ferrous metal materials with semi-solid thixotropic properties Various types of market demand performance such as injection molding machines have become more and more obvious, which requires injection molding machine manufacturers to respond to the market in a timely and targeted manner.


Personalized development of high-speed precision injection molding machine products

    Personalized development is reflected in the dilution of the past batch production or even mass production mode, and at the same time, it promotes the modular design, technical integration, professional production, and international procurement capabilities of high-speed precision injection molding machine products. This requires both high-speed precision The injection molding machine manufacturers must have strong strength in terms of technical talents and technological innovation, and also require enterprises to accurately grasp the personalized needs of customers in the first time.


Development of intelligent high-speed precision injection molding machine

    Will significantly improve the operational stability and reliability of high-speed precision injection molding machines, effectively improve the high-quality, high-efficiency, low-loss production power of plastic machinery, and provide a solid technical foundation for unmanned workshops and unmanned factories. At present, Many foreign injection molding machine factories have vigorously researched intelligent injection molding machines.


Large-scale development of high-speed precision injection molding machines

    At present, 8000kN injection molding machines for car body panel production have been developed, and larger injection molding machines are also emerging. However, the demand for the production of various large-scale plastic products for industrial use is still obvious, such as the production of small speed boats, sports boats, and the production of 10,000L or larger plastic storage containers.