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High-speed development of hybrid injection molding

Jun 25, 2020

Compared with developed countries, although China's industry started late, after decades of development, more and more hybrid electric injection molding machine companies have competed in the international market. At present, China The economy is also a good brand, people's quality of life is improving, the requirements for the quality and specifications of plastic products are getting higher and higher, which requires more and more oil-electric hybrid injection molding machines to manufacture higher quality and better plastic products.


    The development path of China's oil-electric hybrid injection molding machine industry is not smooth, and many bottlenecks have been encountered on the road of development, such as: technical problems, professional talent problems, research and development, innovation and other issues, but through continuous efforts, various enterprises Finally, these difficulties have been overcome step by step. Under the current good conditions of the entire industry, it will not only embark on the development highway, which fully meets the needs of people's lives, but will also drive the development of the injection molding machine industry.


    In the face of such good development prospects, China's oil-electric hybrid injection molding machine should develop its own industrial chain system in order to maintain future sustainable development. It is not this time that it has embarked on a high-speed company. After the period, it won't work anymore. We must take advantage of this opportunity to build our own perfect industrial chain.