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Fully promote the transformation of injection molding machine enterprises

Sep 18, 2020

Fully promote the transformation of injection molding machine enterprises to have a way out

  At present, in the domestic market, injection molding machine companies rank among the top in the entire industrial energy due to their excessive energy-saving consumption. They are inconsistent with the current society’s development of environmental protection and energy-saving, so each city market has its own energy-saving standards. However, we must do our best to promote the conversion of injection molding machine companies to have a way out, otherwise the energy consumption will remain high. Only through transformation can there be a way out, otherwise it will lag behind the world.

  Energy saving is only a driving force to promote the transformation of injection molding machine enterprises. It cannot be completely because of this. What is even more terrifying is that the technology is backward, not thinking about making progress and giving up future development only for immediate benefits. For such enterprises, we can say What is it? Only when we try our best to promote it, can it be effective, otherwise it will not invest money in energy saving.

Injection molding machine transformation

  R&D and innovation are the way to transform the future. Only through continuous R&D and innovation can we create first-class injection molding machine models and functions, and maintain the foundation of survival in the future competition. However, R&D and innovation are often just separate It’s just a slogan among the companies. There are really a few injection molding machine companies that can invest a lot in product development and innovation. They are reluctant to invest. There will be gains. When they are eliminated by the market, they regret it. It's useless.