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Excellent performance of all-electric injection molding machine

Mar 04, 2020

The dimensions of the all-electric injection molding machine comply with international standards. A large number of manufacturers can exchange components, which is convenient and profitable. However, there are still differences between the four-wheel servo motor and its drive. Self-service is complex, and the cost of maintenance is not high. low.

1. In terms of production efficiency:

The servomotor of an all-electric injection molding machine has a high speed (up to 4000 rpm), and it cannot have synchronous and overlapping steps in the production of high-precision and complex products, small deviations in weight and high-quality products. , You can also add materials when you open the form. And the ejection steps, so that its production efficiency has increased, but hydraulic machines, as a rule, cannot have overlapping steps, production efficiency will be lower than all electric injection machines.

In terms of the ratio of performance and price:

The cost of producing an all-electric injection molding machine is not high, but the energy consumption is not small. By using a variable pump and inverter, energy savings can be achieved. Organic hydraulic and direct pressure full hydraulic presses can be provided to users, especially for production. Large injection molding machines with high clamping force have many advantages, but all-electric injection molding machines also have the advantages of energy saving, water saving, high productivity, low maintenance, short processing cycles and low work efficiency, but production costs are still high. And there are not many options (now only a hinge type), the entire engine is controlled by a transmission mechanism, and it cannot be promoted in equipment with high clamping force.