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Energy-saving technology of hybrid injection molding machine

Mar 18, 2020

Compared with the current domestic traditional driving methods, the three-phase AC asynchronous motor is replaced by a three-phase permanent magnet servo motor in the structure; the fuzzy control method is used in the control method to complete the coordinated matching control of the servo motor and the variable displacement pump.

     The total power loss of a servo-pumped hybrid electric injection molding machine system is mainly composed of two parts:

1) Power loss of the motor. This part of the loss mainly includes copper loss, iron loss and mechanical loss of the motor. This part of the loss is generally unavoidable, and only high-performance motors can be used to reduce the loss.

2) Power loss of the hydraulic system. Because the control system of servo motor and variable displacement pump is adopted. This part of the loss does not include throttling loss and overflow loss, but only includes volume loss and mechanical transmission loss caused by hydraulic system leakage. Therefore, the total power loss of this system is very small, and it has a good energy saving effect.