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Energy-saving horizontal injection molding machine

Aug 24, 2020

Energy saving is the way out for horizontal injection molding machine manufacturers

  In the machinery industry, injection molding machines consume the most energy, which accounts for more than half of the entire machinery industry. It is also the machinery production equipment that pollutes the environment the most in urban factories. It is far from the current society’s requirements for environmental protection. In the future enterprise manufacturing equipment, energy saving will be more and more valued by manufacturers, and it is also the way out for future injection molding machine manufacturers.

Energy-saving horizontal injection molding machine

  The energy consumed by the old-style injection molding machine is staggering. According to incomplete statistics, the energy consumed in a year is enough for thousands of people to consume in a year. The environmental pollution in our cities is becoming more and more serious. Production occupies a large proportion, and environmental protection has become a common requirement of people. At this time, injection molding machine manufacturers must take the lead, start from themselves, eliminate old injection molding machines in the past, and install the most advanced energy-saving injection molding Machine is the way out, otherwise the product quality, machine performance and work efficiency are not the best.

  Some foreign manufacturers have been studying energy-saving systems as early as the 1990s, while China’s machinery industry started relatively late, but the speed of development is much faster than that of western developed countries. However, in the high-end injection molding machine industry, energy saving is still Far behind the advanced foreign manufacturers, but to reach the world's first-class injection molding machine manufacturers, manufacturing more advanced and energy-saving injection molding machines is the way out.