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Double color injection molding machine performance advantage explanation

Jul 05, 2019

Double-color injection molding machine performance advantage explanation



The Double color injection molding machine needs to meet three points in the technical requirements of the injection molding manufacturer: the fusion of the two types of materials, the complexity of the product and the adjustment of the two-color two-material injection molding machine.


1. The Double-color injection molding machine consists of two sets of plastic injection devices with the same structure and specifications. The nozzle should have a special structure according to the production method, or be equipped with two sets of forming molds with the same structure that can be rotated and transposed.

2. Double-color injection molded plastic products have higher parameter values for melt temperature and injection pressure at the time of injection.

3. The plastics used in the two-color injection molding plastic products are polyolefin resin, polystyrene and ABS.

4. Double-color plastic products use higher melt temperature, higher mold temperature, higher injection pressure and injection rate during injection molding.

In order to ensure the quality of the two-color plastic products welded in the mold, injection molding products.

5. Can form products such as marbled roads.

From the characteristics and application of multi-color injection molding and double-material co-injection molding, it can be seen that there is a tendency to gradually replace the traditional injection molding process in the future.