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Does the hybrid electric injection molding machine need cooling water?

Oct 07, 2019

In fact, no matter what injection molding machine needs cooling water, any machine will generate heat during the movement or heating process. If the heat is not released in time, the machine will be unstable or the assembly gap between the parts will be reduced.

Therefore, all the injection molding machines are connected to the cooling water. The machine will generate a lot of heat during the high-speed operation. At this time, it is necessary to cool down. The injection molding machine needs 40 to 50 degrees of electricity per hour, and the electric energy will be converted. In the case of mechanical energy and thermal energy, if heat energy needs to be discharged, cooling water is needed.

In addition, the absence of cooling water will cause the crankshaft arm to expand and affect the machine, which will seriously become stuck.And in addition to the machine needs cooling water, the mold also needs cooling water.