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Disassembly operation in the inspection of horizontal injection molding machine

Aug 16, 2019
In the long-term use, in order to ensure the stability of the horizontal injection molding machine, the operator needs to perform maintenance according to the actual situation, and it is inevitable to remove the equipment. On the other hand, when the equipment is used, the above operational requirements will also be formed to meet maintenance needs. Operators should pay attention to the following aspects when disassembling:

First, the disassembly work must be done by a professional. Different horizontal injection molding machines have different models, and the structure of the equipment will change accordingly. Therefore, the operator needs to fully understand the basic structure of the equipment based on relevant information before disassembly and assembly. These steps have been completed.

Second, in addition to being performed by professionals, professional equipment and tools are also required for practical work. If the operator fails during the process of disassembling and assembling the horizontal injection molding machine, it should be calm, orderly, and step-by-step to solve the scientific solution, rather than relying on violent blows to solve the problem, which will make the problem more serious.

Third, disassembled parts, fasteners and other related accessories must be placed in a reasonably orderly manner during disassembly and assembly. On the one hand, this creates confusion and delays installation time; on the other hand, it also avoids negligence. And caused omissions.