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Injection molding machine clamping unit (1)

Jul 16, 2018

The clamping mechanism is one of the most important components of the injection molding machine. Its function is to securely fasten the mold and to open and close the mold handle and release the product.

The clamping mechanism includes a servomotor, a screw pair and an upper column, and the servomotor is connected to the shaft of the steering wheel in a pair of screws, and the screw nut in the screw pair is secured to the top column connected to the moving pattern, and then switches on the oil. Locking shut-off device , which controls the pressure, includes a high pressure clamping cylinder inside the rear mold, the high pressure oil enters the clamping cavity to press the clamping piston, and the clamping piston passes a screw nut, a surface with an upper column with an outer ridge Blennes and rolling pattern Clamping force is transferred to the form. Worried about the micromechanical communications district. The above clamping mechanism adopts an oil-controlled mold-blocking device that has a complex structure, the cylinder requires good sealing, high technological complexity and high cost.