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Causes of failure of hydraulic part of high-speed precision injection molding machine

Mar 02, 2020

What is the reason for the failure of the hydraulic part of the high-speed precision injection molding machine? Let me introduce you to the following.

1: High-speed precision injection molding machine contaminated by hydraulic oil:

(1): Air and oil are mixed. The main reason is improper installation of pipeline connections, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, etc. Air bubbles in the fuel tank.

(2): Water and oil are mixed. Make butter milk. The main reason is that water is coming out of the cooler or the environment is humid.

(3): Mix solid impurities into the oil. Mainly shavings, welding slag, rust and metal powder.

(4): Formation of colloidal substances in oil. The main festival is that the seal is damaged by the oil, or the oil deteriorates, thereby forming a gel-like substance in the oil. This gelatinous substance usually clogs the pores.

2: What effect does temperature have on the viscosity of hydraulic oil for precision injection molding machines:

Effects: 1): When the temperature increases, the viscosity of the oil decreases. Changes in oil viscosity directly affect the performance and leakage of hydraulic systems. (Between 30 and 50 ° C)

3: Scanning error of high-speed injection molding machine:

the reason:

(1): Poor lubrication conditions. Pause-Taxi-Pause appears. Increase the amount of grease.

(2): Immerse the air into the hydraulic system. Ventilation is required.

(3): Reasons for mechanical stiffness. Wear and deformation of parts, resulting in changes in friction and creep. Replace parts.

4: After turning on the high-speed precision injection molding machine for a while, the oil pump will ring.

Suitable for:

(1): The quality of the straw is not good, or the neck is not tight. Remove the filter and check for deformation. Is the straw peeling? Replace tubing and filters.

(2): The filter is not clean. Excessive impurities in hydraulic fluid. Clean the filter.

(3): Oil pump wear: Check whether the oil groove of the oil pump and the end face of the rotor are worn. Replace the oil pump.

5: After starting the engine of the high-speed precision injection molding machine, the pressure gauge has pressure and no flow.

Suitable for:

(1): DA board is damaged, repair DA board.

(2): The safety valve is stuck. Remove the pressure relief valve for inspection, clean the pressure relief valve, or replace the pressure gauge for inspection.

6: no pressure flow

(1): Check whether the rotation direction of the oil pump is normal.

(2): Check for oil leakage.

(3): Check the current of the flow pressure valve.

(4): Whether the internal hexagon is pressed on the core of the pressure valve, whether it is under pressure, has been replaced or cleaned.