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Causes and solutions for bubbles in injection molded products

Sep 25, 2019

In the production process of injection molding, the causes of bubble formation are as follows: 1.

2. The injection speed in the injection process is too fast, the temperature of the screw feeding port is too high, the residual glue is too much and the back pressure of the storage material is too low;

3. Poor mold exhaust and low mold temperature.

Bubble is a serious defect in injection molding.Air bubbles can affect the appearance of the product and reduce the strength of the injection molded product.How to solve it?


1. Fully dry the raw materials.

2. Lower the screw temperature and feeding port temperature.

3. Increase the back pressure of the material storage and reduce the position of the screw ejection (there are more residual glue).

4. Reduce injection speed and increase mold temperature.

5. Increase injection holding pressure and time and improve mold exhaust effect.

6. For example, the cold runner gate can trap air bubbles on the nozzle material by changing the injection position.