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Buy points

May 26, 2017

Injection molding machine is a common plastic machinery, for the use and purchase of injection molding machine operators, the first should understand the performance of a good injection molding machine, what aspects of the need to assess, in order to choose a desirable injection molding machine, Here we come to understand what to buy injection molding machine should pay attention to what aspects.

Optional injection molding machine injection molding machine technical parameters. Users can choose the injection molding machine by longitudinal or horizontal comparison to determine. The so-called "vertical" is the main technical parameters of injection molding machines should meet industry standards, according to industry standards. The so-called "horizontal" is based on similar domestic and foreign injection molding machine technical parameters for comparison. Therefore, this is a very careful and scientific work. According to the structure of the mold, the quality, accuracy, the number of cavity, the type of flow channel and its structure, shape, size; according to the product of the day, month, month, month, month, month, month, month, Year of production capacity of the degree of automation to select the injection molding machine parameters at all levels.