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Basic knowledge of high-speed precision injection molding machine

Mar 02, 2020

A high-speed precision injection molding machine is classified according to the layout: it is mainly classified according to the ratio of the location between the axis of the injection screw and the guide rail for moving the pattern, the parallel and horizontal layout is horizontal, parallel and vertical, the layout is vertical, and each other under angle.

1.1 High-speed precision injection molding machine: has the following advantages: low body, low center of gravity, stable operation: ease of operation and maintenance: molded products can automatically fall under their own weight, easily achieve fully automatic operation and should be widely used in this application. This applies to large, medium and small cars. This is the most basic form of injection molding machine in the country and abroad. After several years of technological development, horizontal injection molding machines are divided into three series: curved, with direct pressure and fully automatic. According to the accuracy of molding plastic products, it can be divided into two types: ordinary type and precision type.

1.2 Vertical injection molding machine has the following advantages: small area: convenient disassembly and assembly of the mold; Molding inserts are easy to install. The disadvantages are that the product is often removed manually or by other means after it is thrown away, which makes automatic operation difficult, the fuselage is highly stable and inconvenient for feeding and servicing. Currently, it is mainly used on small machines with injection volumes below 60G.

1.3 Angle casting machine. Its advantages and disadvantages are between two horizontal and vertical machines. When the product is formed, the material enters the mold cavity through the dividing surface. This is especially suitable for products where the gate cannot leave traces of the gate. If a horizontal or vertical injection molding machine is used, the mold must have several cavities or offset sides, which is often limited by the size of the machine template.

2. Classification by machining productivity: The model and technical characteristics of the machine, usually used to indicate the technological capacity of the injection molding machine, are marked by clamping force and injection quality, and most of them are expressed as clamping force. In the past, clamping force and injection quality were also expressed.