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Automatic injection molding machine

Oct 07, 2019

01. This technology relates to injection molding machines.

 Background technology

02. There are vertical and horizontal injection molding machines. In the prior art, small horizontal injection molding machines require manual pick-up after injection molding, which is unsafe and inefficient.

Technical content

03. In order to overcome the above-mentioned deficiencies in the prior art, the present technology provides a horizontal injection molding machine capable of automatically taking out parts.

04. The technical solution to solve the technical problems of this technology is:

05. The horizontal injection molding machine for automatic picking up, comprising an injection molding machine body, wherein the injection molding machine body is provided with an injection molding device, the upper end of the injection molding machine body has an opening, and the opening side is provided with a base, the base a horizontal sliding bar is arranged on the upper side, and a sliding block is arranged on the horizontal sliding bar. The sliding block is connected to a transverse cylinder, and the sliding block is provided with a longitudinal sliding bar, the longitudinal direction The upper end of the slide bar is connected to a longitudinal cylinder, and the lower end of the longitudinal slide bar is connected to a robot.

06. Preferably, the lateral slide rod is fixedly coupled to a rotating shaft, and the rotating shaft is rotatably coupled to the base.

07. Preferably, a blanking tank is provided on one side of the injection molding machine.

08. Set the opening at the upper end of the injection molding machine, and set the robot on the side of the opening, pick up the molded part by the robot, and then drop it into the blanking trough. The control block controls the operation of the cylinder and the manipulator, the lateral cylinder pushes the slider to control the position in the lateral direction, and the longitudinal cylinder controls the longitudinal direction of the manipulator. The robot moves downwards, picks up the plastic parts, then the robot rises to the outside of the injection molding machine, rotates the horizontal slide bar, the manipulator extends to the side of the injection molding machine body, and the plastic parts are dropped into the blanking trough.

09. The beneficial effect of the technology is that the technology improves the injection molding machine, and the workpiece is taken by the robot, thereby avoiding the disadvantages of low safety and low efficiency of the manual operation.