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Anti-interference problem of vertical injection molding electromechanical control system

Mar 03, 2020

So-called interference is the effect of noise, other than a useful signal, on the control system of a vertical injection molding machine.

The interference problem in a vertical injection molding machine is mainly divided into two types: internal dry injection molding machine internal and external interference.

Internal interference of vertical injection molding machines:

1. Crosstalk between signals

2. The layout of the components is unjustified, and the quality of the components is poor.

3. The connection of neighboring circuits.

4, the effect of digital and analog grounding.

5. Spurious oscillations.

The main external interference of vertical injection molding machines are:

1. Electromagnetic interference, including turning on / off electrical equipment near a short-range system, passing vehicles, electromagnetic waves, etc.

2. The effect of fluctuations in power supply.

3. Exposure to the environment, vibration, temperature and humidity.

Internal interference in a vertical injection molding machine is associated with the manufacture of a vertical injection molding machine control system that can be eliminated and suppressed as much as possible through careful design. Imported vertical injection molding machines can do this, and external noise is random and has nothing to do with the structure. It is generally difficult to limit the source of interference, and in certain situations only preventive measures can be taken.

Methods of external interference clutch of vertical injection molding machines:

1. The method of conjugate impedance. Different grounding points of the grounding system cause a common impedance, which inevitably interferes with the common impedance coupling.

2. The method of electrostatic communication. This is the interference of an electric field into a common line through capacitive coupling.

3. The method of electromagnetic induction coupling. Due to the mutual induction magnetic field between the power line and the signal line, a closed circuit in the system generates an induced potential, i.e. an interference voltage.

4. Leakage connection method: mainly due to the fact that the insulation resistance between adjacent wires or some coupling capacitors is reduced, interference is transmitted to the signal line through the resistance between the conductors.