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an introduction of injection molding machine

May 30, 2018

An introduction of  injection molding machine (3/3)

The evaluation of plastic products mainly includes three aspects: first, it is the quality of appearance, including integrity, color, brightness, etc. The second is the precision between size and relative position, the third is the physical and chemical properties corresponding to the effects of electrical properties.

These quality requirements, in turn, depend on the use of the product. The disadvantages of the products, mainly, have the design, the precision of the manufacture and the degree of wear of the molds.

As the injection cycle itself is very short, if the process conditions are not controlled enough, the waste will continue to flow. When setting up a device, it is best to change only one condition and look at it several times at a time. If the pressure, temperature and time are harmonized and regulated, it is easy to create confusion and confusion. If you have problems, you do not know what that is. The tools and tools to adapt the process are different.

For example, there are dozens of possible solutions to solve the problem of unsatisfactory products. To solve the problem, select one or two basic solutions to solve the problem. In addition, we must draw attention to the dialectical relationship in the solution. For example: the product is destroyed, sometimes the temperature of the material increases, sometimes the temperature of the material decreases, sometimes the amount of material increases, sometimes the amount of material is reduced. You must solve the problem by reversing the event.

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