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an introduction of injection molding machine

May 30, 2018

An introduction of injection molding machine (1/3)

1 , There is a working principle of injection molding machine, used as a syringe for injection. It uses a rod (or piston) for pumping the molten state, which gypsum (i.e., liquid flow) in a closed cavity. After maintenance and installation, the product will receive the product.

2,Injection molding is a cyclic process and all the basic cycles comprise: providing a quantitative - melting the plastic - injection pressure - cooling - model transfer mold. Remove the plastic parts, and then close the model for the next cycle.

3,Parts of the injection molding machine: Controlled injection molding machines include an operation of the keyboard, operating the electric control system and hydraulic system for use three elements. The pump, the feeding operation, the spray pressure, spraying rate, the discharge type, each barrel temperature control, pressure control and pressure is applied again.

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