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an introduction of injection molding machine

May 30, 2018

An introduction of injection molding machine (2/3)

The process of forming a typical injection molding machine screw is as follows: First, the plastic is added in the form of particles or powder cylinders, and the plastic is melted by turning the screw and heating the outer wall of the cylinder. 

The machine then closes the mold and moves the jet seat so that the nozzle is very close to the mold gate, and then the discharge oil is injected into the injection cylinder so that the screw moves and the material melts. High pressure and high speed. Inject the mold into a mold at a lower temperature.

Time and pressure (also called pressure maintenance), cooling, solidification, after a certain time of pouring, the product can be opened and removed from the mold (pressure is removed to prevent the alloy from returning to the recess and added to the cavity Material; Ensure the product has specific dimensional density and tolerances).

The basic requirements for injection molding are plasticity, injection molding and forming. Lamination is a prerequisite for achieving and ensuring the quality of molded products. To meet the molding requirements, the injection must provide sufficient pressure and speed.

At the same time, due to the higher injection pressure, very high pressures are generated in the mold cavity (the average pressure in the mold cavity is usually 20 to 45 MPa). Accordingly, sufficient support can be seen that the injection device and the mold clamping device are key components of the injection molding machine.

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