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All electric injection molding machine has excellent performance

Jul 15, 2020

The size of the all-electric injection molding machine has its international standards. A large number of manufacturers' components can be exchanged, which is convenient for maintenance and the cost will not be involved; but many manufacturers of all-motor servo motors and its drives are still different. Self-maintenance is complicated and maintenance costs Not low.

1. From the perspective of production efficiency:


The servo motor of the all-electric injection molding machine has high speed (up to 4000r.pm), and it can have simple and simultaneous overlapping steps in the manufacture of high-precision and complex products, low weight deviation and high yield rate products, such as feeding during mold opening. And the ejection step, so its production efficiency will rise, but the hydraulic machine usually can not overlap steps, the production efficiency will be lower than the full electric injection molding machine.


2. In terms of performance-price ratio:


The manufacturing cost of the full hydraulic press is not high, but the energy consumption is not very small. If you use variable pumps and equipped with frequency converters, you can achieve energy-saving effects. The full hydraulic press has organic hinged and direct pressure types that can be used by users. The high clamping force injection molding machine has many advantages, but the all-electric injection molding machine also has the advantages of power saving, water saving and high performance. The running cost is not high, the processing cycle is not long, and the work efficiency is not low, but the manufacturing cost is still very high. There are not many varieties (now only the hinge type), the whole motor is controlled by the transmission mechanism, and it cannot be promoted in equipment with high clamping force.