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Advantages of fast food box high speed machine

Aug 19, 2019

The biggest advantage of this equipment is the integration of forming blanking and finished product collection, which reduces the work link, and the produced products can be directly stacked and collected, which saves production time, reduces work intensity and greatly saves on the basis of saving working area Artificial.


1. The heating zone is increased to three zones for heating, the forming die is enlarged, and the hydraulic system adopts three cylinders, so that the production efficiency is increased from 12 molds per minute to 20 modes per minute, and the output is doubled .

2, the punching station movement: the use of motor to drive, is conducive to the replacement of the mold, saving mold change time.

3. A static eliminator is installed in the cutting area and the stacking area to eliminate static electricity generated during the molding process. Guaranteed production safety.

4. Extract the fast food box upwards. If it is not caught, it will not affect the next action.

5. One conveyor belt on the left and right to realize automatic stacking and reduce labor intensity.