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Action of high-speed precision injection molding machine

Mar 17, 2020

High-speed precision injection molding machine is a general-purpose equipment. It can be used with different special injection molds to produce many types of injection products. The injection molding machine is mainly composed of a frame, a dynamic and static template, a mold clamping and holding component, a pre-plastic, an injection component, a hydraulic system, and an electrical control system. 

The dynamic and static templates of the injection machine are used to install different types of special injection molding in pairs. Stencil. There are two structural forms of the mold clamping and holding parts, one is to directly push the movable template work with a hydraulic cylinder, and the other is to use a hydraulic cylinder to push the mechanical mechanism to drive the movable template work through the mechanical mechanism (machine-hydraulic combined type). When the injection molding machine is working, according to the requirements of its injection molding process, it must complete a series of actions such as pre-plasticizing of plastic raw materials, mold clamping, rapid movement of the injection barrel, injection of molten plastic, holding and cooling, mold opening, and ejecting the finished product. During the work process, the movement is complicated, the movement is changeable, and the system pressure changes greatly.