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About setting protection of horizontal injection molding machine

Jul 30, 2020

Regardless of the vertical injection molding machine or the horizontal injection molding machine, low pressure is a safe maintenance setting. The safety for people and molds includes the safety of the human body and the mold. Proper parameter setting can prevent safety hazards! 2-4mm to high pressure, precision horizontal injection molding machine is generally within 1.5mm to high pressure, low pressure is generally within 15bar is the most suitable! Remember; no matter how low the low pressure is, the sample is damaged when there is foreign body in the bad position. 


    Manual mold clamping machine cannot automatically switch to high pressure mold clamping, so adjust the low pressure position one by one. The pressure and flow of low pressure mold clamping are adjusted to 15-20 until manual mold clamping can automatically switch to high pressure mold clamping. , This can best maintain the mold (the machine with the vertical cylinder mold mentioned above)


    The main reason is that the opening and closing directions of the mold are different, one is opening and closing in the horizontal direction, and the other is opening and closing in the vertical direction. This causes some differences in usage and slightly different operations after mold opening.


    Generally refers to the pressure when the mold clamping is slow, mainly to maintain the mold, and use the vertical inertia of the vertical machine to lower the mold.