Servo Motor Of Injection Molding Machine

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Servo motor of injection molding machine



Brief Introduction of servo motor for injection molding machine

Servo Motor are RE Permanent magnet synchronization servo motor, was conceived and designed as an advanced and homogeneous range of high performance servo actuators, in line with the evolving demands of the automation industry, and is particularly suited for direct drive applications.

Servo Motor reach the highest torque/size and power/size ratios in the industry ,they are designed with Rotating transformer encoder, as standard feedback devices, optional or inductive encoders, custom designed for motor operation, which offer absolute resolution up to 8 million points/rev thus affording the best motion uniformity even at the lowest speed, or multiturn absolute encodes, all with serial Endat interface and electronic nameplate, with this features, the limits of mechanical transmissions are overcome and a vast range of applications can be transferred to direct drive technology.


Servo Motor Designed for process lines and apply in sustained operation at high speed, forced cooling over frame with fan servo controlled by the motor ,overall protection grade IP 54;


The advantage of combination of permanent magnet and Magnetic reluctance are:

10% higher efficiency than induction motor;

wider speed range compared to general permanent magnet motor;

Slender structure make motor faster dynamic response, lower noise;

Special airduct design make the motor more outstanding cooling effect.


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