Plastic Hopper Dryer Of Injection Molding Machine

Plastic Hopper Dryer of injection molding machine Performance characteristic: The hot air recycler device can be matched to reduce energy consumption. The hopper dust collector can be matched to prevent the dust into the workshop. The heating barrel is made from the stainless steel to ensure...

Product Details


The hopper dryer is a replacement product of the standard hot air dryer. It is based on the original function and fully considers the environmental factors and improves it. It can dry materials that are wet due to packaging, shipping or recycling.

The hopper dryer is the most efficient and economical model for drying plastic materials. It can dry, wet, dry, package, transport or recycle. The straight-through design is especially suitable for direct mounting on plastic molding machines for drying, which is fast and space saving.


1. Hot air recovery equipment can be matched to reduce energy consumption.

2. The hopper dust collector can be matched to prevent dust from entering the workshop.

3. The heating barrel is made of stainless steel to ensure that the material is contaminated and easier to clean.

4. A door-opening magnetic base for easy removal of magnets to clean scrap iron.

5. It can match the 24-hour timed start device at any time to reduce the warm-up time on duty and improve efficiency.

6. There is a hinge connection between the heating bucket and the hopper for easy opening, reloading and cleaning.

7. The air dispersing device of the stainless steel mesh plate allows the hot air to uniformly blow the material. The temperature inside the barrel is uniform to prevent the material from agglomerating.

Diagram of installation