PET High Efficiency Screw Air Compressor

PET High Efficiency Screw Air Compressor
PET High Efficiency Screw Air Compressor
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The screw air compressor of the air compressor equipment adopts a pre-set configuration, requiring only a single power connection and compressed air connection, and a built-in cooling system, which greatly simplifies the installation work. The screw compression assembly in the screw air compressor is manufactured in-house with the latest CNC grinding machine and is equipped with on-line laser technology to ensure precise manufacturing tolerances. Its reliability and performance ensure that compressor operating costs are extremely low over the life of the compressor. Adjusting the compressor, integrated compressor and desiccant series are all new products in the compressor.


The screw compressor is one of the positive displacement compressors, and the compression of the air is achieved by the volume change of the slots of the male and female rotors that are arranged in parallel with each other in the casing. Rotating the rotor pair in the housing with its precise fit causes the gas between the rotor slots to continuously produce a periodic volume change along the rotor axis, from the suction side to the discharge side, completing the suction, compression, and exhaust Work process. It has excellent reliability, low vibration, low noise, easy operation, less wearing parts and high operating efficiency.