Mould Temperature Controller Of Injection Molding Machine

Mould temperature controller of injection molding machine Performance characteristic: Pump overload protection to ensure service life effectively. Switch of main power source conforms to CE safety standard. Controlled by PID micro computer, accurate temperature control. Alarm device for phase...

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The application of mold temperature machine in the die-casting industry has a lot of space, especially in the manufacture of magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy. Uneven or inappropriate mold temperature will lead to unstable casting size, and the casting deformation will be ejected during the production process. Defects such as heat pressure, adhesive mold, surface depression, shrinkage cavities and thermal bubbles. It also has an impact on the production cycle, such as filling time, cooling time and spraying time, which produce unstable variables. The life of the mold is also affected by the overheating and overheating, which causes hot cracking of the expensive steel and accelerates its aging.


1. Pump overload protection to ensure effective service life.

2. The main power switch complies with CE safety standards.

3. Controlled by PID microcomputer, precise temperature control.

4. Phase alarm device to ensure safe operation of the system.

5. Low liquid level alarm device to ensure safe operation of the system.

6. The heating barrel is made of stainless steel and is easy to clean.

7. The device is equipped with multiple fault indicators to help customers understand the cause and solve it in time.