Industrial Water Cooling Chiller For Injection Molding Machine

Industrial water cooling chiller for injection molding machine Performance characteristic: Low speed and noise blower fan. The device can cool the water temperature ranging from 7 to 35 ℃. The low cooling temperature can be customized as per customer’s needs. The blower fan stops along with the...

Product Details


The special chiller for injection molding machines is an indispensable product for the improvement of injection molding machine products. The chiller for injection molding machine is used to inject the plastic pellet into the mold after being heated and melted. After the condensation, the mold is extruded to form a plastic workpiece. In the continuous production process, the mold is cooled to shorten the plastic setting time and increase the workpiece size. Precision, molding quality, surface quality.


1. The main engine adopts high-quality brand-name compressor, built-in safety protection, reliable operation, high efficiency, low noise, energy saving and durability, and long service life.

2. Microcomputer intelligent temperature controller adopts high-precision digital display, set temperature range of 7~35°C, digitally adjustable, arbitrarily set.

3. With power supply under voltage, power phase loss, phase protection, compressor current overload protection, pump current overload protection, high and low pressure protection, antifreeze protection, insufficient cooling water flow, insufficient chilled water flow protection, and delayed power-on protection The device is alarmed at any time and displays a fault.

4. Equipped with open stainless steel thick insulation box, built-in automatic hydration, automatic temperature control.

5. The chiller condenser adopts the principle of thermal energy conversion, and designs a new shell-and-tube condenser with high heat exchange efficiency.

6. The electrostatic spray plastic case is beautiful in design and the exterior plate is quickly disassembled for easy use and maintenance.

 Diagram of installation