Hydraulic Oil Pump Of Injection Molding Machine

Hydraulic Oil Pump Of Injection Molding Machine
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Hydraulic Oil Pump Of Injection Molding Machine has the characteristics of reasonable structure, advanced performance, high efficiency, low noise, small pulsation and good reliability. It is widely used in machine tools, plastic machinery, forging machinery, engineering machinery, transportation machinery and other fields.


This series of pump are low noise, high pressure and high efficiency vane pump and gear pump, variable pump.

The range of displacement is big, can satisfy the request for many kinds of machine. Widely used for hydraulic system. Such as pressure machine, plastic machine and construction machine.

The design of inner structure is convenient for maintaining.

Reasonable design, firm structure, good quality raw material, precision processing, high efficiency and stable operation, long working life.

Pump core was assembled by screw completely, plug-in structure, you can change the pump core after opening the cover. So that you can maintain and repair your pump easily.

Special design of oil return, make the shaft radial pressure steady download, reduce the abrasion for vane, assure the best gap of pump core, let pump have best volume rate.