Computer Controller System Of Injection Molding Machine

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Computer controller system of injection molding machine






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CPU adopted with high-performance DSP chips.

24 digital input ports,24 digital output ports, and 11 relay output ports

3 analog input ports, 1 pressure-sensor input ports, 12-bit high-speed AD sampling, speeded at 200bit/s.

2 PWM proportional valve driver output ports, or 2 0-10V voltage output ports.

7temperature pick-ups, 6 temperature control output ports, and the stable temperature control

precision of ±1°C.

Multiple separate power supplies of the operation panel to enable the thunder-proof design of

the whole system.

Short-circuit protection for output transistors and displacement transducers.

Self-defined reconfigurations in I/O.

Precision Servo System dedicated bus interface at the same time to achieve system expansion.


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